How to Apply for a Grant - Organisational

Organisational Grants – the majority of our institutional grants are made to organisations in our local area of Ipswich and south-east Suffolk.  However we are able to consider a small number of applications from institutions throughout the UK.  Please note we are not able to help the following:

  • Any new overseas projects.  Overseas grants are now channelled through carefully selected UK charities which the Charity has supported for many years.
  • Large national charities.
  • Buildings – i.e. capital grants for construction, purchase, maintenance or renovation in response to unsolicited applications.
  • Medical research/healthcare, other than hospices in the Charity’s beneficial area which are already supported.
  • Schools – other than schools within the Charity’s primary beneficial area.  The Charity will not fund fees for private education.
  • Environmental charities and animal welfare.
  • Performing, literary or visual arts.
  • “Matched” funding on a large scale.

Organisational Grants

If you would like to make an application for an organisational grant please register below:

If your registration is accepted you will receive an email with a link to our full application form.  Please keep this link for all future applications.

Please note you only need to register once.

When you need help you need it now – we pride ourselves on a quick response to your application